Inspiring Development through Action and Adventure


Imagine bring a wide range of exciting, safe and inspirational outdoor activities to kids, teenagers, school groups and corporate groups in Taiwan. Founded and managed by British outdoor education professionals, Imagine uses international instructors and tightly controlled systems, developed across various branches over many years.


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Woodland survival experience inspired by the book ‘Island of the blue dolphins’

‘Island of the blue dolphins’ is a survival story about a 12-year-old girl stranded on an island. We went with the German students @ Taipei European School to find out what kind of skills she would have needed to survive!

Wilderness survival family outing

It’s been one of Taipei’s wetter winters this year… But that wasn’t enough to stop this family thriving out in the elements! Starting a fire in the rain is no easy feat which makes it all the more rewarding. On this fun family outing we: Created shelters, Started a fire with a firestone, Set traps, […]

Search for the lost civilisation

Hiking through Yagmingshan’s bamboo trails to seek out the legendary hidden pyramids made another great ‘Indiana Jones’ style adventure!

Fun adult Survival outing in Taipei

Another exciting adventure in the forest with Imagine in Taiwan, Survival, Tool Making, Setting Fire, Camp Cooking, And much more!

Survival Camp Coming on October!

Once again, Imagine offers Survival Camp in October! As always, this camp will be exciting and full of learning: Development Through Action & Adventure. Kids will learn a series of skills necessary to survive outdoors such as fire making, raft building, and tool handling, but also, develop love and respect for nature. Come and join […]


Action Sport Weekend Day Camps Released for August!

We are pleased to announce an exciting line up of single day, action and adventure sport camps for kids in Taipei, on 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th August! Check out the links:Climbing, Archery and Parkour Day Camp and Watersports Weekend Day Camp

How to build a fan in the forest? By Pete & Survival Camp kids (VIDEO)

On this Survival Camp day, kids were really having a great deal of creative teamwork, of course without putting aside the good old fun every Imagine Camp comes with 🙂 Enjoy the video!

Meet Peter Tupper, Founder of Imagine!

  Peter Tupper is a British outdoor sports professional. The Imagine. programmes sprung out of Peter’s passion for designing outdoor activities and a belief in the benefits of an active lifestyle. He grew up with all kinds of outdoor sports as a big part of his life in England, then studied Chinese and trained for […]