About Us

Inspiring Development Through Action and Adventure

Imagine bring groups a unique way discover Taiwan, through a range of adventures, experiences and activities.

The Team

All our international, English-speaking instructors are carefully chosen for their skills, qualifications and experience in their specific field, as well as their ability to engage with and inspire people of all ages. Whether teaching survival skills, kayaking, sailing, river tracing or leading bubble zorbing or team-building games, one thing they all have in common is a smile on their face and a love of what they do.

About the Logo

The logo is designed especially to look like anything you can Imagine. Is it a target, a desert island, the sun in the sky, an egg on a plate, the eye of a monster, or something else? We hope the logo will symbolise a limitless outlook on life - one where the world around you can become as fun and interesting as your imagination will allow.

About the Manager

Olli has been living in Taiwan for a number of years after having travelled and lived in a wide variety of countries. He is passionate about adventure sports, environmental issues and people. He believes Taiwan to be one of the best places to visit or live in the world, due to its amazing mix of friendly, conscientious people, limitless nature and potential for true adventures.

About the Founder

Peter Tupper is a British adventure professional with a passion for designing outdoor activities and a belief in the benefits of an active, outdoor lifestyle. He grew up with all kinds of adventure sports as a big part of his life in England. His mission is to inspire development in more people through action and adventure. He can be found online with a series of adventure education videos and other documentaries.

Company Profile

Imagine. is the trade name of Imagine Co. Limited (意漫群有限公司),a British-owned enterprise registered in Taipei. Other Imagine companies are registered in Beijing and Hong Kong, as well as a network of partner companies in countries around East and South East Asia. More information can be found at www.imagine.asia