Starting with only basic supplies and materials, students must compete in teams to create the best 'Civilisation' in a forest over 2-5 days!

In Imagine’s Civilisation Game, the students are challenged to build up their own civilisation from scratch in a beautiful forest setting. The group will first be given a brief training course in various useful skills for their challenge, such as how to use tools safely, build a shelter, build a raft, make a fire and understand the natural elements, plants and wildlife around them. After this training, they will be taken to an empty forest space, with basic tools and materials, and the Civilisation Game will begin.

After a few days, they will have built their own structures, found ways to cook food, and organised themselves into effective teams with structures of governance, laws, and other features of a modern society. They may even trade and negotiate with other teams, for mutual prosperity across the civilisations. This will be concluded with a discussion of which systems and approaches were most effective, and what they have learned from this experience.

The game covers a broad range of skills and topics: Teamwork, law and order, governance, systems, efficiency and effectiveness, negotiations, trade, economic principals, bushcraft and survival skills, wildlife knowledge, leadership, and social skills. All while having fun and making close new friendships!

Possible from February to November, for groups of 16 – 100, ages 7-55!