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Imagine. Points

Imagine. Points award participants for achievements, bravery and deeds.


For example:


Building a fire

Hitting the bullseye with an arrow

Hitting a target with the trebuchet

Learning to sail

Learning a 180 jump on skis or skates

Helping a struggling student

Winning a game on camp

Learning a new trick

Winning a medal in a championships event

Taking on a daring challenge from your instructor

Please keep hold of any points vouchers or camp handbooks that you have! You must use these to redeem your prizes. If you feel you have more points from a camp but have lost them, just email and we can look up your records and issue new points for you


150 Points: T-shirt
300 Points: Yellow and Blue Hoodie, or Imagine Backpack
400 Points: Survival Kit (Hammock, Flint, Compass, Rope, Survival Handbook, First Aid Kit)
1000 Points: Private Lesson Day with Tickets and Equipment
1000 Points: Birthday Party
1000 Points: 3-5 Day Camp
10,000 Points: Toilet made of Gold
100,000 Points: Trip to Space

Note: 1) Direct family can combine their points  2) Adults can get points too  3) There is no standard amount of points on an activity, it all depends on achievements;  4) Prizes may change over time.

   Imagine. Shop

NT$ 700 - Email to order

NT$ 700 - Email to order