Island Survival




Desert Island Weekend Getaway




Would you like to escape city life for a bit and take a weekend trip to a secluded island?

On this adventurous weekend you will have the chance to switch off your mobile phones and spend a night sleeping out on one of Penghu’s deserted islands! Located North East of the main island is a little charming little islet with a white sandy beach that you and your friends can take over and sleep there for the night. You have the option to make this either a relaxing weekend getaway with tents provided or an epic survival adventure without. Enjoy a bonfire and BBQ on the secluded beach under the starry sky, snorkel around the clear waters and spend the day exploring your little island. Keep your eye out for turtles!

Friday - Meet at Songshan airport at 6:30 on Friday night to catch a 7:30 flight to Penghu. From the airport we take a small taxi ride to a hotel with a stunning sea view and delicious seafood restaurants nearby.

Saturday - In the morning we will travel to the harbour and catch a half hour boat ride to the deserted island where we will spend the day exploring and enjoying the beach. At night you can choose between a sleeping bag, tent or just a roll mat under the stars.

Sunday - Make our way back to Taipei.


星期五 - 晚上18:30在松山機場集合,搭乘19:30的班機飛往澎湖。抵達馬公機場後,乘計程車前往海景民宿,並於附近餐廳吃新鮮美味的海鮮。

星期六 - 隨著一早起床享受壯麗的海景,我們將出發前往碼頭,搭船前往荒島,船程預計30分鐘,抵達後就開始在島上一整天的探索和享受囉!晚上可以選擇是否需要提供帳篷/睡袋/睡墊

星期天 - 回程到台北。

If you are interested in creating a dream island survival experience for your friends, colleagues or classmates leave us a message and we'll get back to you with more details.