Spend the day outdoors with friends building shelters, campfires, rafts and navigating the wilderness!


Have tons of fun learning useful survival skills together and completing exciting challenges in a forest near Taipei. Activities are lead by our own professional team of experienced European and North American survival experts.


Date and Time

Any time of year but best when not cold. Suggested pick up time: 9am. Arrive back at 18.00. Two-day options with accommodation or camping are also available (please enquire).


Our survival days take place in a forest location approximately 1 hour from Taipei City


Below are some examples of the possible activity stations. According to the weather, group size and other factors, we will choose the most appropriate combination for the day. There is no guarantee of doing everything listed here.

Choosing Your Camp – Discover the secrets to choosing the perfect camp location; it’s not as easy as you think!

Shelter Building – Compete in teams to build the best shelter, using only rope, wood and leaves from the forest.

Tents and Hammocks – Put up a tent unassisted, and if you have time left, put up a hammock

Fire Making – See which team can make the best fire from materials around the forest. Also learn some cool ways to light a fire in the wilderness.

Physical Training - Army crawling, obstacle courses, jumping, running, push-ups, mud pits etc. 

Survival Theory – Do you think like a survivor? Our experts will use mental exercises to teach you important and potentially life-saving survival theory.

Build a Trap – Use your creativity and a variety of materials, to design a fish or animal trap (no animals really harmed).

Natural Orienteering – Learn to navigate through the wilderness using only the nature around you.

Water Filtration – Learn how to find and filter water when lost in the wild.

Bug Discovery – Get to know the neighbours!

Raft Building - Compete in teams to design and build a raft from bamboo logs and rope, then race the rafts on the river!



What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities in the forest. Take a second set of clothes and shoes that can get wet and a towel for water activities.

Transport (optional)

We can provide transport from Taipei. The journey is about 1 hour each way and we have a set of team-building bus games to make the journey fun. Please enquire for costs.

Food (optional)

Choose between a fire cooked lunch (prepared by instructors, cooked by you!) or packed lunch (sandwiches etc.). Enquire for cost.


NT$ 2500 per participant

Includes instruction from western, experienced survival instructors, land use permit, tools, materials, equipment and insurance.

Transport and food are optional extras.

Note: This video was taken in a Survival activity in Beijing. In Taiwan the water activities have some differences