Looking for a different kind of school trip for your students? 


Give your class an adventurous day or multi-day trip out in nature, learning exciting new outdoor skills with Imagine's English-speaking, professional survival instructors!


We have some favourite spots in the forests all around Taipei, perfect for survival training. All spots are far enough into the nature to give the feeling of adventure, but close enough to roads for safety reasons. Depending on your group size, age group and level, we will select and guide you to the best spot for your trip. All spots are between 30-90 minutes' drive from most international schools in Taipei. If your school is in another city, just let us explore your local forests for the most suitable spot first - it's what we love to do! 


Any time of year except for the middle of winter. Trips can be for a single day, or multiple days linked by camping or staying in accommodation. 


Transport can either be provided by you or included in your trip quote.


The Imagine instructors come on the buses with you from the city, then guide the group through the forest to the secret spots. After arriving, we begin with a group introduction, explaining some important knowledge, safety rules, and some topics for the students to start thinking about for themselves. Then the group will divide into sub-groups, and each group will rotate around a series of activity stations, such as fire-making, shelter-building, knife and tool safety and more.


All Imagine Survival Instructors follow the BSA (Bushcraft and Survival Association)'s system and curriculum to maintain standards across safety, effective learning and engaging content. 

Please note, this video is from Imagine’s Survival Camp in Beijing. In Taiwan, most activities, systems, and curriculums are the same, just the water-based activities are different.

Price: NT$ 1900 per student per day including instructors, tickets to nature area, equipment etc. Lunch and transportation optional (additional cost per person). Approx. 6 hours activity time, 30-90 minute journey each way.

Simply contact info@imagine-taiwan.com and we will help put together the right trip for you!