What are team-building games?

In Imagine's world, 'team-building games' refers to all the games that we have up our sleeves, that can be played in almost any environment, at any time, with all different sizes and ages of groups.

Over the years, we have collected these games into one massive library, and learned which work best in which situations. Want to make everyone laugh and break down barriers? We've got the game. Want to get people from different departments working together as a team? We've got it. Need to boost communication skills or give people a chance to show their leadership talent? Each has a section in our repertoire. 


For example...


We can't give too much away, but most games fall into the following categories:

  • No-equipment games: involving moving hands and bodies, forming shapes, completing physical challenges, or even simply communication games using the voice and body language
  • Rope games: You'll be amazed how many games can be played with a single length of rope
  • Blindfold games: Take away a team's sight, and everything changes. Suddenly, the team must find clever ways to work together to complete tasks and challenges
  • Races and competitions: Add an element of competition, and it's amazing how everyone suddenly tries harder and has more fun!
  • Creation games: Work together on projects to create fantastic inventions or complete tasks within a time limit
  • Problem solving: The team must work together to solve seemingly impossible challenges: Get to the other side without touching the ground. Pass this down the line without moving. Convey a message without talking. Untangle the rope all together without letting go. You get the idea. The list goes on...

When, how, who, where?

The beauty of these games is that they are portable and infinitely flexible. Taking a set of basic equipment, our English-speaking, enthusiastic and experienced activity leaders can literally take these games to fit your schedule, your location and your goals. Anything from 20 minutes to a whole day, for groups of 10 to 200. On the beach, up a mountain, in a conference room, or in your office. You name it!