Have fun and learn new skills sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, surfing and more, with daily transport from Taipei!



Upcoming day camps:

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Kids learn all kinds of fascinating watersports skills, from sailing and kayaking to rafting, paddle boarding, wind-surfing and wave surfing! Note: In each day, there is not enough time to do everything listed, we will choose the sports based on the kids' preferences as much as possible.




watersports summer camp taipei
Taiwan Watersports Summer Camp


Get a kid-friendly introduction to surfing, on safe, small waves


Build a survival raft from bamboo, then see if you float!

Wind Surfing

Learn this challenging but super-fun sport, combining sailing and surfing!

Beach Games

Let kids enjoy being kids! Play games together in the sea and on a lovely sandy beach


Learn how to sail a small boat all by yourself!


Learn to kayak or learn more advanced skills if you've done it before


Have fun paddling a raft with other campers and playing boat games


Play games and see if you can balance on a paddle board

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