European school Civilisation Game

We were impressed by the structures this innovative group created! 🌳👌🌲 It turned out to be a perfect Yangmingshan spring day for a civilisation game with students the German section of Taipei European School. It was great to see how this group interpreted the game and enjoyed their day trip to the forest.

For this civilisation game we had two groups, both with different resources and they had to decide how they would organise themselves and trade with the other group. Inspired by a few key skills taught by the coaches these students made the most of their time in the forest by making some great shelters, chairs, tables, entrances and hammock beds. 

At the end of the day each group visited the other’s civilisation for an introduction about what they built and a discussion about how they organised themselves. Lots of good ideas were shared and some improvements suggested for how they could organise trading between the civilisations in future. Great effort from both teams 🙂  

Video from the day on its way soon! 

Photography courtesy of the talented Cedric Paquet 

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