Survival Parties 

Spend the day outdoors with friends building shelters, campfires, rafts and navigating the wilderness!

Have tons of fun learning useful survival skills together and completing exciting challenges in a forest near Taipei. Activities are lead by our own professional team of experienced outdoor experts.

 Date and Time

Any time of year but best when not cold. Suggested pick up time: 9am. Arrive back at 18.00. Two-day options with accommodation or camping are also available (please enquire).


Our survival days take place in a forest location approximately 1 hour from Taipei City


Below are some examples of the possible activity stations. According to the weather, group size and other factors, we will choose the most appropriate combination for the day. There is no guarantee of doing everything listed here.

  • Choosing Your Camp – Discover the secrets to choosing the perfect camp location; it’s not as easy as you think!
  • Shelter Building – Compete in teams to build the best shelter, using only rope, wood and leaves from the forest.Tents and Hammocks – Put up a tent unassisted, and if you have time left, put up a hammock
  • Fire Making – See which team can make the best fire from materials around the forest. Also learn some cool ways to light a fire in the wilderness.
  • Physical Training – Army crawling, obstacle courses, jumping, running, push-ups, mud pits etc. 
  • Survival Theory – Do you think like a survivor? Our experts will use mental exercises to teach you important and potentially life-saving survival theory.
  • Build a Trap – Use your creativity and a variety of materials, to design a fish or animal trap (no animals really harmed).
  • Natural Orienteering – Learn to navigate through the wilderness using only the nature around you.
  • Water Filtration – Learn how to find and filter water when lost in the wild.
  • Bug Discovery – Get to know the neighbours!

Parkour & Trampoline Parties 

Monkey about with friends at a gymnasium in Taipei!

Dive into foam pits, have a go at doing a summersault on a trampoline and learn new parkour skills with friends. Imagine provides skilled coaches that create fun half day experiences at a large gymnasium in Sanchong.  

 Date and Time

Any time is possible but it may depend on time availability of the gym we partner with. We suggest  an afternoons activity for around 2-4 hours

At a gym in Sanchong, we can help organise transport (please enquire)

At its basic level, Parkour is a fascinating discipline, to train your body to be able to get over obstacles in your path: balancing, jumping, landing, rolling, vaulting, spinning, and more. Later, students can apply these foundations to develop skills in all kinds of freestyle sports. We use the facilities at the gym to play games and teach some of these key skills. 


Water Sports & Pirate Themed Parties 

What better way to spend a birthday than on the beach and in the water!?

Board a sailing boat or make a bamboo raft with friends, learn how to stand-up-paddle (SUP) or kayak all in a safe sandy beach setting. With awesome games to play and new experiences to try, this day is bound to be a memorable birthday experience.  

 What exactly is a pirate party with Imagine? 

Your group is given eye-patches and bandanas and divided into two teams. The teams must set off to follow maps and clues, ride on sailing boats, throw water cannonballs at enemy ships, paddle on rafts, and eventually dig up a buried chest of golden treasure! All the time guided by an infamous international pirate.

Fulong Beach. we can help organise transport (please enquire).

What age?

How long does it last?

Depending on the wind and how lost they get, it usually takes around  an hour to get there from Taipei and 2 hours for the hunt itself. There is some preparation time before and after, such as walking from the sailing club, changing clothes etc., which usually adds half an hour either side. This Party could easily be a days event 10am – 4pm and we can organise a tasty bento box to have for lunch.  


Kids learn all kinds of fascinating watersports skills, from sailing and kayaking to rafting, paddle boarding, wind-surfing and wave surfing! Note: There is not enough time to do everything listed, we will choose the sports based on the kids’ preferences as much as possible.


"I host a small survival game party for my son’s birthday. The coaches (Olli and Julia) are experienced and very friendly. All the children have a wonderful day learning different skills and super fun. Thank you so much to Olli and Julia".

Jennifer Chien

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