School Activities catalogue 2019 /2020

What Do We Do?

Imagine has become one of the leading providers of outdoor, action and adventure trips. With 6 years of eye-opening trips under our belt, thousands of students each year experience the great outdoors for themselves. Experiential learning is what we do best. 

With deep experience in the outdoors and education sectors, we know that Imagine will be the right fit your school. Our trips can be focused on adventurous activities, service, learning without borders, team-building and leadership skills, environmental education or physical challenges. Imagine instructors and facilitators strive to share their passion for the natural environment and knowledge on every trip.

By venturing out beyond the confinements of the classroom, your students can truly advance their understandings of a variety of topics as well as learning valuable life skills.

Imagine runs a wide variety of activities and tailors every trip to the school’s desired outcomes. By using student-centred learning formats, we enable students to truly develop lifelong interests and skills outside the classroom.   

Civilisation game
Aboriginal fire dance

What Can We Do For You?

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We at Imagine strongly believe that being active and exploring the world around you is the key to a well rounded individual. Only by immersing yourself fully in action, adventure and travel can you truly understand, not only the world around you, but also yourself.

We are here to inspire people to develop through outdoor activities. Whether by boating, learning bushcraft skills, putting survival knowledge to the test, camping in the mountains, tracing rivers, building rafts, learning parkour, completing service programmes, discovering aboriginal cultures or through other adventures, it’s time to Open Your World!

River tracing warm up

What Do We Provide?

  • Experienced, western trained and qualified facilitators
  • Customisable trips and activities
  • Outdoor sports insurance
  • Staff trained in First Aid
  • Entry tickets and permits covered
  • For every 10 students, 1 spot is free for a teacher
Imagine Team

Our Facilitators

We know how important your students are, and we understand the need for a smooth experience to facilitate experiential learning. That’s why we take great pride in our experienced coaches and guides. All of our facilitators are fluent in English, experienced in the outdoor education industry,  have undergone our own continuous training, are well-versed our health and safety procedures and, of course, have a deep love of the outdoors and education.

Environmental Impact Assessment

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A standard for all our forest based activities is the fundamental consideration of environmental impact and forest protection. When we finish each trip, the students discuss the importance of leaving no traces behind, and subsequently must tidy the site, pick up all trash and leave it better than they found it.

Students are encouraged to bring their own re-usable eating utensils, bowls, and water bottles to avoid excessive use of single-use materials. Whenever materials are thrown away on site, every effort is made to recycle when facilities allow for it.

We also put increasing pressure on our most regular venues to introduce more effective recycling systems.

For overseas travel programs which require flying, we include a donation to a reforestation project in Madagascar. Planting trees in an effort to offset the carbon footprint of the flight. We use a carbon-footprint calculator to estimate the offset of the journey’s CO2 emissions (any quotes including donations are labelled as such before booking, to enable the client to have a choice in the matter. It will not be included in a booking by default without prior communication).

Safety Policy Statement

Safety is our first priority in all aspects of the company, from recruitment to the organisational process to the delivery of the programmes.

Instructors are hired for their experience in leading specific activities and guides are selected for their in-depth local knowledge. All bringing forth a special blend of exciting charisma and safety-conscious professionalism.

A qualified instructor (either in First Aid or Wilderness First Aid) is always present within each group. This, alongside detailed risk assessments specialised for each activity and location, combines with emergency protocols and safeguarding policies to create a safe and responsible environment.

Due to this thorough approach to safety throughout the organisation, we are proud of our impeccable safety record. In turn, our client’s trust and well-being is in good hands.

Just in case, we always offer outdoor activity insurance for additional peace of mind.

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Safety meeting
Civilisation game tarp
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The most popular Imagine school trip, Civilisation Game is a creative and exciting challenge for groups of all sizes. Starting in a forest with selected supplies and materials, each group must compete to build up the best civilisation. This includes physical construction, mental strategic thinking, and tonnes of teamwork and problem solving. The teams are also responsible for designating roles and responsibilities for their civilisation. The educational benefits are limitless.

By the end of the game, groups figure out how to trade and cooperate with other ‘civilisations’ for mutual prosperity, thereby giving themselves real life parallel situations through which to understand topics of the world at large.

The civilisation game is a character building exercise that fosters teamwork, leadership creativity, wisdom and respect. We offer civilisation game experiences that run for 1-3 days in carefully chosen, picturesque forests.

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The benefits to our outdoor, survival training exercises are endless. Students will cover a wide range of topics and develop practical applications to survival situations.

Imagine coaches encourage students to think pragmatically about decision making whilst learning invaluable skills such as making fires with firestones, building shelters and rafts, identifying plants animals and weather, as well as covering valuable life skills like knot tying, orienteering, river-crossing and knife and tool safety.    

Survival training

Extra Curricular Activities (In School)


Imagines’ international activity leaders run a variety of games designed specifically towards learning teamwork (e.g. strategic team challenges, such as blindfolded navigation, orienteering, pioneering, etc…). Participants are encouraged to work within teams using leadership, communication,  and strategic skills. Followed by a debrief to enable participants to consider what they have learned from the experience.

Team Strategy Games

We know how important your students are, and we understand the need for a smooth experience to facilitate experiential learning. That’s why we take great pride in our experienced coaches and guides. All of our facilitators are fluent in English, experienced in the outdoor education industry,  have undergone our own continuous training, are well-versed our health and safety procedures and, of course, have a deep love of the outdoors and education.

Parkour hoop Jump
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Team Strategy Games hoops

Hikes, Overnight Camps & Orienteering

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There are so many amazing mountainous locations to discover. Put your expedition in the hands of dedicated guides who spend most of their time exploring these locations. Imagine has the equipment, local knowledge and English-speaking instructors needed to ensure that any expedition will go ahead safely and smoothly.

Hikes for Kids in Taiwan

With a wide variety of hikes available in Taiwan, trips can be tailored based on your desired outcomes. On our hikes and camps we encourage responsibility, communication, courage and self-awareness. We believe these experiences foster invaluable life skills and, most importantly, a taste for adventure!

Ski Trip To Japan

Mountain stoke
Ski trip


Experience Japan’s stunning scenery and incredible powder snow for a skiing experience the likes of which you cannot get anywhere else. Immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine whilst learning to ski on some of the deepest and lightest snow in the world. On this week-long adventure, participants will be able to take their skiing to the next level with Imagine’s Hokkaido based instructors.


An Imagine trip leader will travel with the group from Taiwan to Japan where they’ll be met by our local representatives and taken to the resort lodge. We can arrange meals, rentals, transport, accommodation and Imagine’s own skiing lessons.


We have a location set up in the Hakuba valley, Nagano on the main island of Honshu, where you can have a very traditional, Japanese experience. With 8 large resorts within a 30 minute drive of our lodge, you can be sure of a fantastic day out on the slopes. Nagano is also home to countless natural hot springs, including the famous Monkey Onsen where you can see the Japanese snow monkeys bathing in the pools. Or spot Japan’s national animal the Kamoshika hiding in the trees below the lifts!

Water Sports

Students love the chance to cool off in the water while doing something active and challenging. Water Sports come in many forms in a variety of locations in Taiwan. No matter where your itinerary takes you, it is likely that your students will have a chance to splash their classmates and teachers!

At Fulong beach, just over an hour’s drive from Taipei, we deliver an extensive range of sport activities including: sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, surfing, body boarding, raft building, beach volleyball, stand up paddle boarding and team-building beach games.

Raft building
watersports summer camp taipei

Head for the picturesque beaches at Kenting and Taidong for a truly professional surfing course or other beach and ocean activities.

Studying marine environments?  Snorkelling is always an engaging, safe and eye-opening experience for students.

Too far away or only have one day? Share your location and distance preferences and we will tell you the nearest place for a wonderful water sports day trip.

River Tracing

Recognize adventure

Taiwan is one of the most famous locations in the world to try this unique activity. Clad in safety equipment, participants are challenged to make their way up, down and across rivers using all kinds of special techniques. Sometimes they work together as a team to block the water flow or help each other over obstacles. In other sections, they must use ropes and harnesses to ascend or descend the river’s features. Other stretches include exhilarating leaps into natural plunge pools or faster sections for enjoying a ride with the power of nature.

With a combined team of Imagine’s English-speaking outdoor educators and highly experienced local professional river tracing guides, the group is always in safe hands with the level of activity customised to the age and physical abilities of each group.

While fun in its own right, this activity also has a ton of developmental benefits. From overcoming fears and mental boundaries to working as a team to find solutions to problems, students experience the feeling that comes from getting through a challenging journey together as one unit. Students (and teachers) often emerge with a new confidence in themselves that they never knew they had inside them.

River tracing waterfall


Schools and training centres in Taiwan are welcome to offer students a range of camps for the school holidays in cooperation with Imagine. This allows the school to provide parents with an impressive range of options, safe in the knowledge that they will be delivered by a professional, English-speaking organisation.  Below are some examples of recent themes.

Survival Camp

Students learn a wide range of important and useful bushcraft and survival skills from Imagine’s unique and in-depth curriculum and years of survival instructing experience. Topics include fire-making, shelter building, navigation, finding and preparing drinking water, understanding plants and animals, making traps, reading the weather, building rafts, understanding survival priorities, and much more.

Adventure Camp

On this body and soul enriching adventure, children will discover some of Taiwan’s amazing natural wonders and learn valuable skills. Young and intrepid adventurers will complete a series of fun challenges that lead from one activity to the next on this action-packed journey. With fresh activities each year, features have included river tracing, tree climbing, a Jumanji-inspired adventure trail and more.

Water Sports

At the lovely Fulong beach, students have the time of their lives and cool off from the heat all the while learning to sail, kayak, paddle board, windsurf, build rafts and body board.

Camp fire marsh mallows
Rock On

Discover Taiwan

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An expansive mountain range extends its way through the entire island, from Kenting in the south all the way to the north to eventually give way to Taipei.  Even to the north of the capital city is a magnificent dormant volcano, Yangmingshan. Taiwan’s mountain ranges are impressive to say the least and the warm welcome wherever you go makes it a pleasure to explore. Han Chinese, Japanese and Indigenous Aboriginal cultures are the three main influences on the island, all evident in the architecture and people you encounter.    

In amongst legendary tea plantations, ancient forests, mountains, lakes and rivers lie spectacular hiking trails to choose from. Whether you would like to learn more about the Aboriginal culture, dig into some of Taiwan’s famous cuisine or just relax in one of many natural geothermal springs, let us be your guide to creating an exceptional trip.

Let us share an unforgettable Taiwan experience.

Tell us about your school trip requirements

The Imagine team has amassed a range of skills, experiences, knowledge and partners in the world of action and adventure. Let us know what your goals and preferences are and we can make it happen! Imagine also has fully operational branches in China and Japan expanding further and further each year. So please get in touch with us. We always welcome ambitious ideas. 


Alternatively, just email with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible