Multi day Hikes

Our multi day guided hikes are available throughout the year as private bespoke trips.
Take a look at our selection of hikes which serve as a fantastic introduction to Taiwan’s top 100 mountains, locally known as 百岳 (bǎiyuè), or check our calendar to see what group trips we currently have on offer.  

Jade Mountain 玉山

Jade Mountain stands an impressive 3,952m above sea level and is situated deep in the heart of Yushan National Park. Northeast Asia’s highest peak and somewhat of a national treasure, Yushan attracts many Taiwanese aspiring to reach this breathtaking summit once in their lifetime. 

This mountain can be ascended in a variety of ways depending on fitness levels, trip duration, weather and what high mountain aspirations you may have. Once one reaches the summit of Taiwan there are up to eight more peaks to be attempted should you desire more time in this high altitude wonderland.

Snow Mountain 雪山

Snow Mountain is Taiwan’s second highest mountain at 3,886m and occupies a large portion of the northernmost park on the island, Shei-Pa National Park.

From December till early April it’s possible to experience snow up around the summit with year round views being truly outstanding, often over one third of the entire island is visible, including both east and west coastlines!  

Boasting multiple high altitude cabins spread out over a series of trails leading from the main peak, this national park has endless trekking opportunities.

Dabajian Mountain 大霸尖山

Dabajian Mountain is an iconic peak situated inside Shei-Pa National Park and can be found printed in all its glory on Taiwan’s 500 NT$ note.

Local Atayal and Saisiyat aborignal tribes believe Daba to be sacred, the birthplace of their ancestors. Trips up to this towering block of rock take a minimum of three days to complete due to its remote location. 

For the more experienced hiker there’s the possibility of three additional 3000+m peaks on this expedition, all the while utilising cabin facilities provided by the national park.

Bespoke trips
Fully customisable, all inclusive, private guided hikes through some of the most magnificent scenery that Taiwan has to offer. 

What to expect?
Safety is our number one priority. We hold a pre-trip meeting in person a few days before each hike to discuss the itinerary in greater detail and answer any questions you might have. 

Your Guides
All of our guides are Wilderness Advanced First Aid certified and spend a large amount of their time out in Taiwan’s wilderness, this is their full time job and life passion.

Mountain Guide Taiwan Ryan


Adventurous to the core. After cycling across Europe and Asia over two straight years, crossing Iranian deserts and riding up to 5360m in the Indian Himalaya, Ryan arrived on the magical island of Taiwan. It was here that long distance high mountain hiking became something he could properly understand and appreciate, having only dabbled previously. Utilising his years of experience dealing with countless people from a multitude of cultures around the world, Ryan will no doubt make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your journey.

Hiking Taiwan Olli


Olli has been living in Taiwan for a number of years after having travelled and lived in a wide variety of countries. He is passionate about adventure sports, sustainable development and people. He believes Taiwan to be one of the best places to visit or live in the world, due to its amazing mix of friendly, conscientious people, limitless nature and potential for true adventure. Any free moment Olli gets he likes to spend time in his natural habitat – the forest or the mountains! 

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