Cycle road trip 

9-Day Tour of Taiwan

Although Taiwan is renowned for being a world leading bicycle producer, it has remained off the radar as a cycle touring destination. Exploring Taiwan at bicycle pace allows you to appreciate it’s unique rhythm while uncovering a fascinating history, culture and wildlife. The landscape itself is enough to leave a grin on your face. Add some good people to tour with, great food and voila! You have an adventure of a lifetime. 


From coastlines with great surf to cloud forests and a 2500 meter decent. This trip offers some of the worlds most epic and unexpected cycling. The trip has been designed to cater for a mixed range of cycling abilities.

Variety of outdoor activities

Camp by the beach with a bonfire or a natural hot spring nearby. Alternate between hotels and campsites for comfort. Experience Taiwan's best rivers and surf breaks.

Shuttle bus to the sweet spots !

This trip is not just about the cycling, the shuttle bus is there to support you and make sure you are getting the best Taiwan experience possible. If you get tired, no problem, hop in the bus and enjoy the ride.

Formosan Macaque

Huandao (環島) is the Chinese word meaning ‘around the Island’ . In Taiwan this is a legendary bicycle journey and almost a rite of passage for cycle touring enthusiasts. Although it’s nice to have the accomplishment of cycling around the Island, this Huandao is all about covering a variety of Taiwan’s finest scenery while enjoying other activities along the way. The route chosen on this trip explores rural areas where Taiwan’s amazing indigenous culture can be found.       


A journey of 500 km begins with a single click !

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Orientation in Kaosiung

On the first day of the trip you’ll meet with the rest of the group in Kaohsiung, which is a 2 hour ride on the high speed rail (HSR) from Taipei. If you have rented or purchased bicycles, they will be waiting there for you to take for a test ride! Accommodation is in the centre of town and there will be a dinner and orientation session before setting off early the next morning.   

  • Hostel
  • Dinner at a local restauraunt
  • Sight seeing
  • 0KM
  • 1/10

Day 2

Ride to Hengchun

Say goodbye to big city life because you won’t be seeing it for a while. The first day of cycling is a 100km ride out of the city with a dramatic change of scenery along the south west coastline. There will be plenty of time to take breaks and at the end of they day, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a well deserved rest. If you have a little more energy to spare, Hengchun’s night markets are well worth exploring.

  • Hotel
  • Dinner at a local restauraunt
  • Sight seeing / relaxing
  • 100KM
  • 7/10

Day 3

Dropping in on the East Coast

The ride over to the east coast is a very relaxed 20k with great views and a series of dragon fruit farms (one of Taiwan’s strange geological quirks to discover along the way).  The afternoon offers the option of going for a surf, hanging out at the beach or the stone garden bar/cafe. In the evening we’ll have a bonfire on the beach, should you have the energy to join us!

  • Camping / Fixed forest tent available
  • Party on the beach
  • Surfing / relaxing
  • 20KM
  • 3/10

Day 4

Between Green & Blue

Before we head off, you’ll have the opportunity for a last surf before setting out on a spectacular coastal road that weaves between forest and seaside, hopefully passing a heard of Taiwanese water buffalo (水牛) along the way. These roads are as challenging as they are beautiful with a few big inclines and descents, you can always hitch a ride with the support van if you’d like to sit back and enjoy the scenery. En-route there is the option of pausing for a soak in a natural hot spring. 

With the wind on your back, the afternoon is a wonderful ride along the Eastern Coast. Before sunset the support van will pick you up and take you to Dulan in time for another surf (if you’ve still got the energy!).

  • Hotel
  • Dinner at a local restauraunt
  • Bar vibes
  • 70KM
  • 8/10

Day 5

The rift Valley

What a day to be alive! The day begins with a stand up paddle or surfing session (or a longer snooze, should you need it). Taiwan’s East Coast is like a mountain range on a beach. From the ocean, you’ll be able to see our day’s starting line. With a quick lift up to the top of the mountain range by the support vehicle, we will descend into Taiwan’s rift valley. We’ve chosen a spectacular route through the mountains where you can expect to see a few Formosan Macaques, rice paddy fields and fantastic cycle paths. This is road biking at its best.

In the afternoon you’ll have the opportunity to stop by an Aboriginal village where you can learn about some local traditions, or, if you fancy it, pick some of the naturally sweet ‘eastern beauty’ oolong tea Taiwan is so famous for.    

  • Camping / Hot spring hotel
  • Local restauraunt
  • Surfing in the morning, Aboriginal village cultural insights
  • 70KM
  • 6/10

Day 6

Rift Valley day 2

Continuing north through the rift valley, today’s cycle is nice and flat with beautiful roads leading towards Hualien. After arriving at the end of the valley, the support van will pick you up, pass through the city life of Hualien briefly, and head straight to Taroko Gorge. Here you will be able to chill out in one of the hammocks provided or, if you’ve chosen the hotel, enjoy the rooftop pool. All in the spectacular Taroko Gorge setting. 

  • Camping/Fancy hotel
  • Local restauraunt
  • Free time to relax
  • 70KM
  • 5/10

Day 7

Taroko Gorge

It’s worth a ponder why this place isn’t an official wonder of the world. Taroko Gorge is an epic setting peppered with shrines, bridges, waterfalls and natural hot springs. Today is a mellow day where you’ll have time to explore this marvel or relax in the swimming pool set in the middle of the gorge, if you chose the fancier option. In the afternoon the support van will carry you 2000m up to the cloud forest. From here you’ll be surrounded by vast views and ancient trees, one of which is a gigantic, 3000 year old Lunta Fir tree.

  • Mountain Lodge
  • Local restauraunt
  • Hikes and trails in the gorge or free time
  • 30KM
  • 3/10

Day 8

2500 Meter descent

Today’s objective is to descend 2500m through the valley to return near sea level. The ride passes through high alpine communities with many peach, cabbage and watermelon farms. Enjoy weaving round the corners for this otherworldly scenery. The roads are in great condition and there are surprises at every turn.   

At the end of this epic ride we will be staying at a campsite near an Aboriginal village where you’ll be able to take a well deserved soak in a hot spring river. The bicycle tour concludes with a bonfire celebration at the campsite.  

  • Camping
  • Local restauraunt
  • Natural hot springs, bonfire & celebrations
  • 110KM
  • 8/10

Day 9

Return to Taipei

This is the final day of the journey with the group. The morning begins with bathing in the river hot spring before packing up camp and returning towards urban life in Yilan. After lunch, the support van will return everyone to Taipei in time for an evening flight, should you have one booked. A final farewell dinner remains for those still in Taipei.     

After good food and better company, you’ll continue on your travels through or beyond Taiwan.

  • ~
  • Lunch at a local restauraunt
  • Hot spring river in the morning.
  • 20KM
  • 2/10

Trip Summary

2019 / 2020 Trip Dates

1-9th November
14-22nd December

5-13th March
1-9th April
1-9th May
1-9th June
1-9th July
1-9th August
1-9th September
1-9th October

*Available as a custom tour on demand

Price per head

NT$ 46,000
Booking Deposit NT$5,000

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Additional Information

During the trip you will have the option of upgrading your accommodation options (such as hotels and campsites). Bike rentals are included, additionally we can help suggest and make bike purchases ready for the journey. The trip will include van support to carry baggage and as a place to rest should you require it.

NT$5000 deposit must be made a month prior to the trip to confirm your place, numbers on each tour are limited 25 participants. Discounts for group sign ups available, please enquire.   

  • Guides
  • Support Van 
  • Accommodation
  • Bicycle rental (Discount available if bringing own bicycle) 
  • Flights 
  • Transport to Kaohsiung

When you have filed out the form below you will be sent a confirmation email with a request for NT$ 8,000 deposit. Once payment has been made your place on the tour is confirmed. The final instalment should be made one month in advance of the trip. 

Cancellation Policy
In the rare case that Imagine-Taiwan must cancel a trip due to low enrolment, we will do so at least 45 days prior to departure. If we cancel fewer than 45 days prior to departure, we will issue you a full refund plus a NT$ 4,000 credit toward any of our other tours within a calendar year.

Exceptions to our cancellation policy can not be made for any reason, including weather, civil unrest, natural disasters or personal, family and medical emergencies. In all cases, we will not be responsible for any personal expenses incurred such as airline tickets, hotels or car rentals. Imagine-Taiwan reserves the right to make route and lodging modifications as needed.

No refunds will be made for meals, services or lodging paid for but not used.

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