Summer Camp With Imagine

Summer camp is an exciting opportunity for kids age 7-13 to enjoy a week of fun adventures whilst learning some life skills on the way. 

Each day has a theme with a few desired learning outcomes but most importantly, we believe that fun is the foundation for any learning..


Civilisation Game 🏰 Survival Skills 🗺 kayaking 🏞 Jumanji Adventure Trail🗿

 Climbing  🧗🏽‍♀️ Raft Building  🛶  

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) 🏄🏽‍♀️ Beach Games 🏖   




DAY 1&2
The first two days are spent in a stunning forest surrounding on Yangmingshan where we will cover a range of survival skills with a fascinating ‘civilisation game’ theme.


The third day of the camp will  be a Jumanji Adventure Trail theme with a variety of challenges and games on the way. In the afternoon we will head to a nearby climbing centre to go rock climbing.


Day 4&5
The last two days of the camp will be spent on the sandy Fulong beach where we will go Kayaking, build rafts, play beach games and complete some stand-up paddle-board (SUP) challenges.


Pictures from Imagine’s spring camp, read the full story here: Spring Camp

Camp information

Participants must sign up to either, (day 1+2) (day 4+5) or all 5 days for the second camp. Please note that the above schedule is subject to change depending on the weather, interests, ability levels and other circumstances.We take a flexible approach, teaching the most appropriate skills at the best times

以上的活動,參加者須至少報名(DAY 1+2) (DAY 4+5) (ALL 5)3種方案其一。活動可能因氣候或者學員能力等狀況於現場做調整,我們希望透過彈性化的教學給學員在適合的時間給予最適合的課程。

 9AM-4PM ~ Pick up and drop off location in Taipei 

Participants must bring their own pack lunches and snacks

Price: 4,300NT per day 

(10% discount available for signing up to the whole week ~ 19,350 NT) 

(15% discount available for groups of 3+ signing up for the whole week ~ 18,275NT) 

(25% discount available for groups of 10+ signups and a share on social media)

All survival classes are taught by BSA-qualified (Bushcraft and Survival Association) guides with many years of experience leading survival camps in Taiwan and abroad.

On this camp, some fascinating introductory Survival Skills and Knowledge will be taught. If participants enjoy learning the curriculum, they will have a chance to further develop their skills on other Survival activities with Imagine in future, to work towards passing exams to get certificates such as the BSA Junior Level 1, 2 and 3.  This camp will be a great foundation to prepare to develop further within the BSA curriculum. 

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If you have any questions about the camp please contact us at: 🙂