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Summer Camp 2023

A week of classic Imagine adventures 

Summer Adventure Camp!

3&5 day camps 

Pick up/Drop Off in Taipei

English+Chinese (英文/中文)

From June – August 

An exciting series of 5 & 3 day adventures with lots of forest and water based activities!

On this summer camp we will be going off on a classic Imagine style week of adventures full of water activities where we will experience the best of Taiwan’s beaches, seas and rivers. Including snorkeling, climbing, kayaking, treasure hunts, river tracing & our signature forest based civilisation game. We aim to spark a passion for forest environments and lively water sports.

All our camps are suitable for English and Chinese speaking kids from ages 7-12. Each camp has a limited space and participants must sign up for the full camp. Each day is designed for experiential learning with our bilingual coaches facilitating a safe and fun learning environment.

*Young Camp: the activities of the 3 day camp are adjusted for 6-8 year-old’s. Please enquire for schedule.

Age 7-12

The activities are designed and adapted to specific age groups.

Schedule change

Please note that the below stated schedule is subject to change depending on the weather, interests, ability levels and other circumstances.

LINE Group

With Imagine Coaches and parents for easy communication and updates during the camp


Drop-off and pick up times, which might change slightly due to traffic situation.


Drop-off and pick up location each day: Yuanshan MRT (Specific location confirmed after sign up)

info email

Further information about packing lists and payment details will be sent in the confirmation email.

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5 Day Camp Schedule

SUP fun

SUP, Aquarium & Beach games

This seaside adventure will get inspired by local marine life with an impressive aquarium visit. We will then master a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board, play games on the beach and have ice-cream! 



Ecology, Fun & Inspiration

Rafting Yilan

Jungle walk and white water rafting

This white water rafting trip is full of fun and surprises – who knew this was possible in Yilan!


Action, Fun & Fitness

Coach Julia

Civilisation Game

A progressive activity over two days: teams are challenged to build up their own civilisation from scratch in a beautiful forest setting – featuring a survival theme, raft building & fire making.


Nature Education, Survival Skills & Cooperation


River Tracing

A dream adventure: tracking a river through the jungle, swimming in strudels, peacefully floating along overgrown rock formations, and rock jumping into the bright turquoise water.


Courage, Confidence, Teamwork & Fitness

3 Day Camp Schedule


Survival Training

To start off this camp we will be heading to our favorite forest setting for a day of field games, fun wilderness survival training and a forest based workshop with lots of opportunities for creative thinking. 


Nature Education, Action, Fun & Fitness

SUP fun

Snorkeling, SUP & Water games

This seaside adventure will get kids looking for fish and crustaceans in a safe biodiverse lagoon. We will then master a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board, play games on the beach and have ice-cream! 


Ecology, Fun & Inspiration

High Ropes and Zip Line in Taiwan

High Ropes Course

Challenge your bravery up in the air while tackling courses with various levels of difficulty on different heights while gaining newfound courage.


Courage, Action, Fun & Fitness

Imagine Coaches


Sport & Travel Insurance

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Small Group Coaching

3 day camp

5 Day Camp

Limited spaces available on an Imagine Taiwan Camp

Camp Dates

* If a camp is full you can still sign up and join a waiting list, but as spaces are very limited we recommend signing up to an available camp ASAP.

To secure a place on this camp please fill out the form below and you will need to pay a small fee to complete registration.  Feel free to message us first if you have any questions:
[email protected]

This is an experiential learning journey so participants must sign up for the full 3 or 5 days of the camp.

👇 Sign up 👇

Group Sign Up’s

Save NT1,500: 5+ friends. (5-day camp)
Save NT1,000: 5+ friends. (3-day camp)

*Discounts apply for each child in the group!

Sibling Discount

Save NT2,000 (5-Day camp)
Save NT1,000 (3-Day camp)

*Participants must join for the full camp experience
*Only one discount OR a voucher can be applied

(Please leave a message in signup form to apply discount)

Thank You!

We’re glad you’re here!
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