December 27-30 [FULL], January 3-6 [FULL]

Winter Camp!

This winter special edition of Imagine camps offers kids 4 days of festive fun. These Taipei and Pinglin based adventures will round off this challenging year with smiles on their faces!

On this camp, kids will get to develop their ability for flow with our unique parkour course, learning rolling and vaulting fundamentals with an obstacle course challenge at the end. We will be developing and refining our archery and bouldering skills while incorporating some newfound creative movement skills into our trampolining. To round off this winter adventure, we’ll be working with professional ice skating coaches for some fun on the ice at Taipei Arena. 

The camp will also have plenty of opportunities for learning, such as during the day trip to our favourite forested campsite in Pinglin where participants will be able to refine their craftsmanship with an upcycling festive decoration workshop.

archery taiwan 2

Archery & Parkour

A day of individual challenges awaits! Learning accuracy and skill, the first day includes archery and parkour in the Taipei area.


Accuracy & Flow


Bouldering & Parkour

A festive take on bouldering and parkour! We will introduce climbing skills and test our newly-learned parkour techniques to complete a vertical treasure hunt. 


Creative Movement

Imagine Taiwan nature education forest

Forest Craftsmanship

Strategy and creativity. At our favourite campsite in Pinglin, we will learn how to use natural resources to create anything from structures to ornaments!


Inspiration & Education

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Ice skating & Trampolining


For our final day, we return to Taipei for a wintery morning of ice skating and hot cocoa, and bounce to great heights before returning home for the holiday weekend!


Pure Fun

NT$3,900 / day

  • 4 day camp
  • Activities, fees & facilitators
  • Imagine Coaches
  • 9AM - 5PM
  • Transport
  • Adventure sport insurance
  • Ages 7+